La Cambre ENSAV _ B3 2015 - 2016

final model

research model

A nursery, a residence, a multi-purpose hall and a photography studio, all these applications of very different nature had to be integrated in one building. 

The main aspect in this project is the notion of movement, which is highlighted by the façade. I decided to make the staircase visible from the street, by putting it into a green tinted glasscase. This unsheathes the circulation and allows pedestrians to observe people going up and down the stairs from the outside revealing therefore the dynamic of the building. 

Every member of the community shall be given a comfortable way of living, working and circulating. The space was designed in order to prevent an intersection between the circuit of inhabitants, the delivery and technical service of the nursery and the children. An easy circulation is for example provided in the area of the nursery dedicated to the children, which is situated on only one floor to avoid childcare workers an unpleasant transport of the children from one floor to another. 

all the blueprints are drawn with ArchiCad

Conceptual drawings showing how the taluses created by the staircases influence the interior design