Rearranging means confronting two alternatives, either destructing and starting afresh or dealing with the existing and customise. The actual situation of the cafeteria, which is situated in my own school La Cambre In Brussels, inspired me to choose the second option. 

The room in its initial concept was painted in a colorful fresco and arranged around multiple cubes out of OSB plaques in the center offering a place for students to eat and chat. 


I decomposed the central, pre-existing wooden structure and expanded it throughout the space in order to create three zones: eating, relaxing and working. To guarantee more comfort, I decided to add more OSB elements in order to create back rests. By putting pyramidal shaped acoustic foam on some parts, the cubes become a comfortable surface to sit on. Besides, the foam evidently improves the acoustic of the room and also matches the fresco in its graphic aggressivity.


The concept of this design was to keep the room’s initial soul, plus improving it by opening the space up to more functions and underlining its graphic value.

La Cambre ENSAV _ BA1 2013 - 2014