J'la prendrai à point

Sur place ou bien à emporter ,

je te ferai tourner du bout de mes doigts

Douce naïveté, sans vouloir t'offenser ,

tu ne resteras que mon encas

J'ai la dalle ce soir ,

si tu sers mes envies,

t'auras un pourboire

Je suis sûre de moi,

tu vas dé…

J'peux le payer cher ,

mais je n'veux pas attendre

J'veux déguster lentement,

manger en mastiquant

Et la cuisson c'est comment?

Je la prendrai à point

Changeons de place sur la balance,

Imaginons nos rôles inversés

Si j'étais plat sans résistance,

M'aurais-tu fait mijoter?

Si j'étais plat sans résistance,

moi, je t'aurais pris à point

extraits de parole, LEJ la dalle


La Cambre ENSAV _ BA3 2015 - 2016

plan rez-de-chaussée

plan sous-sol

The task given was to rearrange an old butcher's shop. In order to attract more people, I decided to add a meat bar and a restaurant to the location. At the same time, this would offer the client a much more complete service around the meat degustation. 

Being a vegetarian myself definitely complicated the quest for inspiration in the first place. The fact that a creature is being showed naked, taken off its skin and exhibited in a showcase in order to attract clients, inevitably made me think of prostitution. Therefore, I decided to make the contrast between skin and flesh, disguise and disrobement the key concept of this project. Following this train of thought, the notion of (involuntary) exposition and the fact of being shielded from eyes also seemed interesting. This explains my choice to use very high and opaque backrests as well as the installation of many mirrors revealing unexpected angles of the room and the people inside it and at the same time giving it a voyeuristic expression.

The final look of the "boucherie" will certainly not make the customer feel like he is entering a brothel, on the contrary, he will discover a rather chic and eccentric place.

Section B

Section A


conceptual drawing

conceptual text